10 best Windows Task Management Apps you can bank on

Being productive and efficient in a workspace can be quite difficult at times considering the number of projects one needs to carry out before the day, week or month runs out 

Task Management apps help in sharing, managing, and prioritizing tasks which consequently improves your productivity or your team’s productivity as the case may be. 

Without a doubt, there are  task management apps but we have carefully selected the best 10.

These Windows task management apps not only help you to manage workloads effectively but also improve your workflow as well.  They also help you to measure your progress on any task or project you or your team is working on. 

The best Windows task management apps often have the following features.

a. Unique Interfaces. 

A good Windows task management app  a brilliant interface. It is one of the most important features of the app.

b. Easy to Use

No one will keep a complex or difficult to use task management app on his windows device.   of the app is to make work easier not make it more difficult. 

c. Offers Different Ways of Managing a Task

The best task management apps offer things like Due dates, reminders, tags, lists, projects among essential features. 

d. Synchronised User Experience 

Whether you choose to use your mobile or desktop device, a good task management app will synchronize between both devices. 

e. Calendar 

A great task management app must have a calendar incorporated into it. This will help in managing and accessing tasks or projects. It also helps in scheduling tasks and meeting deadlines as well. 

f. The best task management apps aid efficiency in a workspace. They help to centralize work activities and also reduce the risk of losing vital information and data. 

Check out the best 10 Windows Task Management Apps for Windows you can try out:

TL;DR: Recommended App – Team8s

1. Team8s

Team8s is a free, team collaboration platform; extended through a private app store.

Every team includes Instant Messaging, Scheduling, Task Management and 250MB of File Storage. 

However, you can easily add more to your team by installing different apps from their App Store.

It’s my favorite tool when it comes to functionality. The task management app is a simple Kanban-style board — I can assign tasks to my teammates, set the task priority and due dates. 

Another neat feature is the invoicing feature. I can easily send out invoices and collect payments using Stripe all within the Team8s. This is a feature most business owners or freelancers would like. 

Cost: Free

Get Team8s Now

What are People saying about Team8s Task Management App

These are unprecedented times. As an educator, I was affected by the pandemic, but Team8s has made my life much better. Now I can communicate, give them assignments, and many more. Plus it’s free. Thanks, Team8s.

Ricardo O. from Ricardo 

I found Team8s when I was searching online for a business management app. Those I found were quite pricey with short trial periods. Team8s is the only free solution that gives me all the features that my business needs. I particularly love the booking feature. I’ll recommend to any business owner in need of a business management tool

Ashley H

I started to use Team8s about a month ago and never stopped since then. It does it all. I love it and recommend it to everyone.

Rhonda K

2. Microsoft 365

This Windows Task Management App is considered one of the best productivity apps especially when it comes to daily business tasks. Some of the reason why it is preferred by many is that; 

a. It is Free

b. It is easy to use

c. It comes with cloud storage

d. It has Microsoft Teams for video conferencing. 

e. It has an in-built word document and Excel applications

f. PowerPoint for Presentations, Outlook for Emails, and Calendar to access basic data. 

The Microsoft Task Management as it is said in our local parlance is “well endowed.”

3. Quire

Quire is a free and seamless Windows task management app for windows and other platforms. It is a cloud-based tool that allows users to plan, organize and execute their work efficiently. The Kaban Style board and the task list helps users to stay on track with their project. 

It also comes with essential collaborative characteristics such as due dates, start dates, multiple assignees, cross-device platform, data export among others.

4.  TickTick

This is a cloud-based Windows task Management app that synchronization process across all your devices seamlessly. If you have a team of associates that work with you, the Tick Tick app helps with the planning and scheduling of tasks within your team. 

Also, it provides you with five distinct views with which you can handle your schedules without stress. With the TickTick app, you can check the dates on which a task is assigned and completed. 

It is priced at $30 per year. 

5.  TodoList

This Windows Task Management App is commonly used in a team because it is one of the best apps that have natural language processing as it categorizes tasks with due dates, tags, and projects. 

You can use the app as your teams’ workflow with features like projects, priorities, labels, and filters. It is highly recommended by productivity experts as an entry-level app. It has native apps on both Windows and Mac, a Chrome extension, and it is integrated with Gmail and Outlook.

TodoList allows you to add tasks from anywhere online. You can enjoy the premium features of the app for $36 a year. Although there’s a student version that costs way lesser.


This is another great task management app for windows as it fosters organization within your team. It also manages tasks, lists, and reminders efficiently. With the aid of its Calendar, you can keep track of projects and also request your To-do list from any device. You can also put on the reminder feature so you don’t miss important projects or tasks. 

You can integrate the app into your Whatsapp and it also works perfectly with any type of voice assistant. 

Aside from its work-related feature, it can also help you in making a grocery list before going to the mall to shop. 

You can either use the free plan or subscribe to the premium plan which costs about $6 per month. 

7. Nozbe

This is another fantastic app you should try. One of its numerous outstanding features is that it connects to applications like Google Document, Evernote among others. 

You can rest assured that your data is well secured with this windows task management app. Its interface also works perfectly with any screen size. 

Expectedly, it helps to manage tasks efficiently and you can also add comments or observations to each project.  Not only is it good for windows devices, but also mac devices as well. 

You can either oot for the personal app or the team. Nobze team app is furnished with fast communication tools just like Telegram or Email. It’s a great app that makes working from home interesting especially when you have a team of five or more. 

It would interest you to know that Noble is a 25-person team that has no central office. They have been working in their respective homes for the last 13 years, yet they have successfully built several Nozbe Teams and Nozbe Personal trusted over 500,000 people all over the world. 

The Nobze Team costs about $19 per month. 

8. Dynalist 

The Dynalist App is just like Work Flowy which we will discuss later on. Unlike Work Flowy, Dynalist is a Task Management App comes with features like calendar integration, recurring tasks, and due dates. 

You can get unlimited documents and items on Dynalist, unlike Work Flowy. 

However, it has some limitations. The mobile app doesn’t work well and formatting can be frustrating when you try to copy and paste your outlines elsewhere. 

9. Week Plan

This is a well-furnished Windows task management app that comes with all the essential productivity features that will enable you to work efficiently while meeting deadlines set for each task. 

It comes with a calendar that helps to trace each task either as an individual or as a team. You will be able to see the date and time assigned to each task in the calendar. 

It also helps you or your team to automate recurring tasks that are often repeated on a daily or weekly basis.

The app also comes with a time tracker which checks the amount of time dedicated to a particular task and the time spent to complete it. It also helps in planning out work schedules to meet deadlines. 

The Week Plan App can be connected to many applications with the use of its over 1000 integration options. It is used by over 100,000 active users. 

What are people saying about this Windows Task Management App? 

“My favorite feature on WeekPlan is that I can organize my day/week into roles. I am a mother, businesswoman, freelancer, partner, and daughter- I want to understand better what part of my life is doing well and what I need to improve on.”… Inna Samson 

“This amazing tool, along with the great team and customer service behind it, makes sure that I’m able to put the most important things in my life first—and that has made all the difference.”…Ankur Asthana 

10. Work Flowy

If you are the type that likes to do a listicle or checklist, you will most likely fall in love with Work Flowy. Although it back some unique features, the Work Flowy app helps you to keep track of quick tasks. 

It helps you to outline thoughts and ideas during an interactive session or while brainstorming on a subject. 

This windows Task Management App not only allows you to duplicate your list of events or tasks but also share them with your friends.

Final Thoughts

And that’s our list of the top 10 windows task management apps that you can use to get your productivity fired up. As new technology emerges, there will be some new apps that might outperform those on this list —  good thing we’ve got you covered, as we update our tech articles at least every two months. 

Remember, when looking for a task management app, You need to focus on functionality and simplicity. Especially when it’s a collaborative app, no one wants to spend hours trying to figure out what an app does. This is another reason why we recommend Team8s. It’s super easy to use and you customize the functionality based on your team’s needs.

Well, whatever app you decide to go with I hope you get work done! 😉

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