11 Mac Task Management Apps you should try out in 2021

Without an iota of doubt, we all have different ways of doing things especially when it comes to carrying out a particular task at the office or from home. While some can do all their projects while sitting in front of their macs without writing them down, others can’t do without itemizing their tasks for the day or week. 

If you belong to the first category, this article might not necessarily be for you but you can continue to read if you would like to about  10 Mac Task Management Apps that surely gave you value – whether in monetary terms or making your work easier. 

Productivity and efficiency are non-negotiable in every workspace and employers always look at young and vibrant employees who can always get the job done adequately. 

If you have been struggling with keeping up the workload or tasks assigned for you at work, you will likely fall in love with one of these Mac Task Management Apps that will surely help you to be more productive and efficient at work. And if you have personal targets, it will help you to schedule your work and keep track of your progress. 

One interesting feature about Mac Task Management Apps is that it offers a wide range of connectivity across devices which ease the mode of communication especially in a post-COVID-19 pandemic era where people are still working from home. 

A good number of the Mac Task Management Apps also improve collaboration among team members and it helps top executives of organizations to keep track of a task or project and its progress. 

A Brilliant user interface, integration, functionality are some of the qualities that informed the 10 Mac Task Management Apps we have selected for you. So the “problem” now is to choose the one that will best work for you or your team. 

TL;DR: Recommended App – Team8s

1. Team8s

Team8s is a free, team collaboration platform; extended through a private app store.

Every team includes Instant Messaging, Scheduling, Task Management and 10250MB of File Storage. 

However, you can easily add more to your team by installing different apps from their App Store.

It’s my favorite tool when it comes to functionality. The task management app is a simple Kanban-style board — I can assign tasks to my teammates, set the task priority and due dates. 

Another neat feature is the invoicing feature. I can easily send out invoices and collect payments using Stripe all within the Team8s. This is a feature most business owners or freelancers would like. 

Cost: Free

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2. Things

Some of the reasons why people prefer to use this Mac Task Management App is because aside from being easy to use, it comes with a lot of amazing features as well.  

The Easy Entry feature allows you to add new tasks to the app from anywhere. You can also easily add notes when creating tasks as well. You can also create goals, input projects to them, and also measure the growth of the project. 

Things also allow you to make tasks recurring, assign a due date, add tags, integrate a calendar into it to keep track of your projects or schedules.


If you have a team and you would like to plan, execute and measure the growth of your project without stress, then you have to choose It’s a top-notch team management app that comes with an eye-catchy user interface that is user-friendly. has in-built communication and management tools that aid the easy sharing of information within the team. It also has multiple views, this means you can view your projects in a “big picture” or smaller details. 

This Mac Task Management App is easy to use such that all team members can come on board with a snap of a finger. 

4. ProofHub

This App is specially created for those that have a large team to work with because it not only helps them to plan, execute and monitor the progress of projects, It also comes with essential tools such as custom workflows, discussion boards, project calendars, Kanban Boards, Gantt Charts among others. 

ProofHub’s outstanding collaborative feature makes it one of the best Mac Task Management App. It is all-encompassing in the sense that it has a central platform for one’s tasks, projects, communications, and teamwork. 

It has a friendly interface and it is designed to ease the way teams carry out their day-to-day assignments. 

ProofHub is priced at $45/per month. This plan comes with 40 projects, unlimited users, and 150GB of storage. While the $89/per month plan also has unlimited users but 100GB of storage and unlimited projects. 

5. Merlin

Just for the records, this task management app has nothing to do with the popular movie character, “Merlin.” Merlin was developed by Project Wizard and it is notorious for its hierarchical way of listing projects. 

Merlin uses bar graphs to illustrate all the workloads and provided resources assigned to each member of a team after evaluating them. It also shows employers which team member is doing excess work and the one who is due for a task. 

The Merlin software comes with two projects: The Merlin Project Express which is designed for Project Management newbies and Merlin Project which is specifically designed for Mobile Project Managers. 

Either of the two products allows planning your project to the very last and minute detail especially If you are very meticulous. 

With the help of Apple Script, Merlin Project can help you and your team connect to countless applications. You can also receive and send out project data.    

You can learn about the features of the software via tutorials that have been made available already. 

6. OmniPlan

Developed and designed by The Omni Group, it is one of the most used Mac Task Management Apps among users and the reasons are not far-fetched. It allows users to track the productivity level of members, customize and also effectively manage a project continuously. 

With the aid of this app, you can easily plan and start your project from the scratch, monitor its progress up to the end of the project.  

The OmniPlan software is compatible with all forms of Graphs, Charts and it is capable of producing results in almost any kind of format. 

Aside from being easy to use, OmniPlan comes with a project assistant, Applock for iOS, filtering, violation resolution, leveling, split tasks, critical path, reoccurring, and manual task scheduling among others. 

OmniPlan can be used for small or medium-scale programs or events such as hangouts, book launches, or parties. It can equally be used when organizing a big event as well. Of course, there are so many Mac Task Management Apps but the OmniPlan seems to be a rare breed.

7. Zoho Project

It is a quite encompassing management software with features such as template timers, kanban keyboards, resource utilization charts, social feeds, Gantt chart reports among other amazing attributes which teams schedule, discuss, analyze and execute projects effortlessly. 

The Zoho Document feature receives little or no attention but it is one of its most outstanding elements you will find on the Zoho Project Management App. This feature gives you access to version history, full and free access to the Zoho Project Office Suite and it can also annotate. 

You can easily import projects into Zoho Project from Basecamp Import, Microsoft Projects Import as well as JIRA Import. 

In terms of devices or platforms, Zoho Project works perfectly on the web and one mobile so you can easily track your projects on the go. 

8. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote has no rival in terms of functionality and versatility. It is the best Mac app to use if you have a business. You can easily create and manage tasks, notes with this app. 

It allows you to synchronize your files, add pictures, pdf files, and web links to your note. With the Web Clipper feature, you can extract information from the web into the note directly. 

The OneNote app also has a recording feature that allows you to record an audio or video file. You can also record interviews with it. 

Not only can one translate notes from one language to another, but it also has a feature that would probably knock you off your feet. The OneNote app can convert a handwritten text document into a typed text. 

9. Smartsheet

This is a business-model type of application that has been chosen by many to.improve the productivity of team members. It is a valuable management and collaborative  tool which is similar to the conventional spreadsheet. 

The Smartsheet is easy to use in that it comes with many templates so can start your project almost immediately. It also has tools like emails reminders, alerts and web forms. 

With the multiple view feature, you can monitor timelines, the availability of your team members. It also comes with Gantt Chart, Card view and Calendar. 

You don’t have to pay to use this app for the first 30 days and you will also be able to access email and phone support for free. 

10. Hive

Hive is the choice of large organisations that have workers who work or handle projects remotely. Hive is one of the best Mac Task Management Apps because of its time tracking and analytics feature which helps to keep progress with the state of projects as well as as the productivity level of each member of the team. 

It is also a great app for integration. It can work with over 1000 applications which include, Gmail, Zoom, MailChimp among others. It also import data from other apps without any break or loss of vital information. 

Unfortunately, Hive is not a free tool but the price is very affordable considering its offerings.

11. Clarizen

It ranks high in the hierarchy of Mac Task Management Apps not just because it’s Saas compatible, but because of its ease to set and navigate large project management platforms. 

It is an enterprise model app and it comes with different  timesheets, expense approval systems and cross project visibility. All these features are essential to your project management profile.  Expectedly, it also has multiple views, reports, email integration as well as custom and template workflows. 

Also, to aid communications within the team, the Clarizen comes with a chat application. 

Clarizen has no fixed price because the vendor will design a plan based on your requirements. So, the more features you require the more you pay.


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