Check out the 7 Best Goal Tracker Apps for 2021

Working without a goal is like going on a journey without a guide or a compass that will give you direction as to where you are going. In the workspace, every employer wants productivity from his employees and setting a goal is paramount to achieving results. Hence, the need for Goal Trackers Apps. 

With the advent of Technology, keeping track and managing one’s goals has become easier and there are more than a handful of Goal Tracker Apps on Google, Apple, IOS and other mobile stores that will help one in achieving those goals effortlessly. 

The importance of Goal Tracker Apps cannot be undermined especially if you have a team that works with you or if you have a lot of things to achieve personally before the end of the year or a given period. 

You would have with me that a lot of people write down new year resolutions at the beginning of the year but the ability to judiciously and religiously follow those laid down goals becomes a problem sometimes due to some factors either personal or general but programming them in any of the Goal Tracker Apps makes a huge difference. 

If you are a business owner or a petty trader and you want to monitor your daily or weekly sales goals, one of the Apps below will help you achieve that. Remember, writing them on a piece of paper might not really help. 

Goal Tracker Apps give you a structured way to monitor the progress of your goals visually. A good number of them have reminders, dashboards, progress bars among other unique features. 

They serve as motivation tools in the sense that they help to push beyond the limit especially when your progress bar is not pleasing to your eyes. 

In addition, some of these apps also help you to keep track of your habits too. How interesting is that? You can build good behavioural patterns and do away with bad ones. 

Which of the Goal Tracker Apps is best for you? In the subsequent paragraphs, we shall be examining some of the ones we have carefully selected so you can pick one or two from 


TL;DR: Recommended App – Team8s

1. Team8s

Team8s is a free, team collaboration platform and goal tracking app; extended through a private app store.

Every team includes Instant Messaging, Scheduling, Task Management and 10MB of File Storage. 

However, you can easily add more to your team by installing different apps from their App Store.

It’s my favorite tool when it comes to functionality. The task management app is a simple Kanban-style board — I can assign tasks to my teammates, set the task priority and track their performance.

Another neat feature is the invoicing feature. I can easily send out invoices and collect payments using Stripe all within the Team8s. This is a feature most business owners or freelancers would like. 

Cost: Free

Get Team8s Now

2. Strides

What an interesting name! The Way of Life habit and goals app speaks to you in graphs and charts. It helps you track both good and bad habits and it is very simple to use as it comes with a friendly user interface. 

It comes with a reminder that keeps you on track until good behaviours are formed and the undesirables are crushed. It also comes with a note where you can write down the cause of bad behaviour. 

This App is recommended by Forbes, The New York Times, Healthline, The Guardian, Lifehacker among other top brands in the world. 

3. Toodledo

This App helps to increase productivity while creating a healthy balance between your work and personal life. 

You can create and share a list with your mutuals, write down your life goals and also track them, record your ideas with the note feature. 

In terms of work, you can list the projects you want to work on, delegate duties to your team, attach files to each project and also track the time spent on carrying out a task. 

Other features of the Toodledo app are a Scheduler, Calendar, and reminders which alert you on available tasks based on your location. It is available on Android and IOS.

4. Coach. me

This is one one the finest personal development and goals tracking app. It is one of the leading habit tracking app. 

Aside from helping to keep track of the goals you have set for yourself, it also offers personalised and leadership coaching alongside its free mobile app. 

Another interesting feature of this app is that, when you set up a goal and track your progress diligently, you will be rewarded for sticking by it. 

There is also a forum where you can ask questions if you get confused. You can hire a real coach for a fixed price of $15

5. Streaks

Streak is a very simple software to use and it is designed to help stay true to your goals so as to maintain your good habit winning streak over the bad ones. 

You can include up to 12 tasks you want to become a habit like brushing your teeth in the morning and at night, going to the gym, quit smoking among others. 

You can get the app for $5 on your iPhone.

6. GoalsonTrack App

It helps you to break big goals into simplified and achievable versions. You can break down long-term goals into subgoals, tasks, and outcomes. This makes it easy for you to track and monitor their progress. 

You can also analyse your goals to see whether it is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based.  

The Dashboard enables you to monitor the progress of your goals target, daily task as well as habits you desire to keep. 

It is a mobile-friendly application and it includes a time tracker as well.  It is not a free app, an annual fee of $68 is required to use the app.

7. Habitica

Habitica is a special breed among other Goals Tracker Apps in the sense that it helps to build habit and productivity in the form of a game. It treats your life like a game. 

It has a reward and punishment system which will help you not to slack on your goals and productivity quest. 

It has a social network where you can interact with other Habitica users. Whether you use an Andriod or IOS phone, you can manage your goals, and keep track of how your habit is progressing with the Habitica App.

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