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Need a better way to manage your team’s task? Team8s is a FREE task management solution for effectives teams. Extended through a private app store. It’s super easy to use and has unlimited features.

*Infinite usage. No credit card required

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Getting Started

With three simple steps, start assigning tasks to teammates, track work progress and create goals — all within an easy-to-use Kanban board.

1- Create your team

2- Invite your teammates

3- Get It done

Seeing is believing
Team8s in Action

Working with your team is a breeze in Team8s.  Play our 60 Second video to see how we simplified task management.

The ONLY Task management app you will ever need!

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Team8s for Everyone.

We're biased... Read what our users say

They all love it! Team8s is an all-in-one premium app that’s 100% free.

"These are unprecedented times. As an educator I was really affected by the pandemic, but Team8s has made my life much better. Now I can communicate, give them assignments and many more. Plus it's free. Thanks Team8s."
Ricardo O.
"Team8s is the best app for small and medium sized business. It understands the mindset of young entrepreneurs and provides the necessary features to get the job done. Just give it a try and you will definitely not regret spending your time."
Joel B.
Small Business Owner
"I started to use Team8s about a month ago and never stopped since then. It does it all. I love it and recommend it to everyone."
Rhonda k.
Sales Executive
"I found Team8s when I was searching online for a business management app. Those I found were quite pricey with short trial periods. Team8s is the only free solution that gives me all the features that my business needs. I particularly love the booking feature. I'll totally recommend to any business owner in need of a business management tool."
Ashley H.
Business Owner

They Say the Best Things in Life are Free

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Team8s?

Pronounced:  teem-meits 
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Team8s is a free, team collaboration platform; extended through a private app store. Every team includes Instant Messaging, Scheduling, Task Management and 100MB of File Storage. 

Extend what your team can do by installing different apps from our App store.

Is Team8s really free ?

Yes, every feature, now and in the future, is and will always be, 100% free. Team8s is designed, built, and operated in the Google cloud. Like most cloud services, you pay for only the capacity and space you use. Thus, the only time you will ever need to pay for something is when you need more storage space than what is included for free.

Are there any limits on how many teams and or teammates I can have?

There are no limits to how many teams and how many teammates each team can have. In other words, you have an unlimited number of teams and an unlimited number of teammates within each team.

What were you thinking when you designed the Team8s’ logo?

The icon was designed to represent a group of people gathered together forming a team inside of a circle or a power-on button. Why make it look like power on button? Because we think it looks cool. Actually, power on or start is the idea behind any team. A team is formed to start something. The 8 in Team8s was designed to look like the infinity symbol to symbolize the unlimited or infinite possibilities one can do with the Team8s app and all of the ideas we have to add to this platform in the future. It’s also representative of the fact each and every team can be customized in infinite combinations of enabled/disabled team features.