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Are you in a critical field of practice that requires the application of knowledge, skills, tools, techniques, and deliverables to enable your project liveliness to enable you to attain a firm path to project phenomenon by meeting goals and requirements? Then you are on the right article.

In all our daily dealings, we in a way or the other stumble on projects, be it in business or in our homes. Taking a look at projects for a second; you might be faced with the challenge of giving contributions or building to a deliverable such as a tool, reports, websites and so on, or in your home, preparing a delicacy, planning an event, or attending to renovations. The above listed are definite plan or projects that should have commencement and when to finish, an aim, a scope, feasibility study and materials. All these demand a vital level of management.

Projects are generally exceptional operations that are carried out to meet certain objectives. These projects may include the development of software to augment the productivity of employees, renovation of an already erected building to host community events, or the design of a website to enhance a certain business. The list is endless. All these projects require a legible team of persons that are reliable for various aspects of the end results. 

To help achieve these goals, one needs an application or software that possesses these qualities of project management. This application is known as CLICKUP. 

ClickUp is a cloud based project management work tool  for every type and size of teams and businesses. Developed by Zeb Evans in 2019, ClickUp helps combine crucial business applications and consolidates a company’s details into a single online solution, it designates tasks to team members, manages project work for customers, and collaborates with associates on documents. ClickUp also supplies tools and features to finish work in a clear, effective and a coherent form.

Besides all these, the work productivity application gives room for users to look at work items and data in more than one way, for faster tracking and comprehension.

Taking a crystal clear look at the amazing features of ClickUp, it’s unarguable that it is the most suitable application when project management is concerned.

One feature is Project Management;

This dominant feature helps the project team plan and also helps them envisage their proposed plan using multiple views. It gives them the option of using a list view to manage priorities, check timelines via calendar view, and assists them track project progress with Gantt view. Teams can relate easily by adding comments to any task or document and getting notifications for changes made. Users can make use of dashboards to get information at a glimpse, it also keeps schedules and budgets on track with time tracking.

Remote Work is another feature ClickUp has, this feature helps teams go ahead with the work they have already started, helps them complete tasks, helps deliver projects while they work remotely. ClickUp enables teams to assign and cooperate on tasks, share files to bring about clear processes, set up reminders, and keep updated with progress on tasks.

Agile Development, because features on ClickUp are customizable, this feature makes it possible for teams to use the application for bug tracking, product launches or sprint management. Teams can create Scrum boards and track progress with this feature. Developers can collaborate on code, they can automate a sprint point system, integrate natively with Git and highlight syntax. 

Process Management feature is also available on ClickUp application. This feature comprises of 4 sub features which are 

  1. Custom Statuses: this sub feature enables users customize their work flow through the use of statuses to fit each individual projects either via the simple or custom form
  2. Checklist templates: this helps the user manage their processes with templates.
  3. Multiple assignees: when a task needs more than one person, this sub feature is used.
  4. Task Dependencies: Helps users add different types of dependencies for tasks waiting on, linking to, or blocking others.

Due date is also an important feature which allows users to add deadlines for their tasks. Dates and time can both be specified, and notifications are received when past due time.

Critical Path is another feature that helps users determine the critical steps their project will take to be completed. There’s also a Promodoro timer that helps track time one spends on ClickUp tasks via the Promodoro application and Chrome extension. It also maintains your Pomodoro schedule. The Future Ensuring Tasks on calendar assists with recurring tasks visible in the calendar, ensures events, appointments and other happenings do not overlap. Timeline view helps visualize your tasks on a timeline. It’s perfect for things like planning, roadmaps and resource management. Workload View helps manage capacity and workload visually. It sets capacity per person and per day for a perfect planning process.

Time in Status is a feature on ClickUp that helps identify bottlenecks before they become a serious issue. It helps users know exactly how long a task has been in a status to ensure work is always in progress. Everhour helps track time, it edits estimates and manages budgets all within the app. Subtasks is a sub feature that organizes tasks into accountable items with subtasks, checklists and assigned comments. 

4 Different Views sub features have the perfect view for assignees, managers, and everything in between.

With all the amazing features available on ClickUp, we should also not shy away from its downsides, after which we list its advantages over other project managing apps.

Its Customer Centricity helps to continually provide new features, improvements and enhancements based on the needs of their customers.

ClickUp is blessed with a friendly layout which makes everything easy to use, see and comprehend. The layout allows teams to keep collective projects organized.

Its cost effectiveness allows teams and organizations to say goodbye to using multiple applications for their projects, which piles up bills for them. ClickUp is a suitable replacement for multiple software needed to manage various types of projects. It helps reduce cost by providing a single platform friendly to all users and not having to worry about any other task management tool.

Not all applications offer a full-featured free version, but ClickUp is one out of the few that does. It offers a significant number of features normally found in paid versions of other software. It includes different views, dashboards, proofing, real-time collaboration, task dependencies, integrations, time tracking, 24/7 support and 2FA.

ClickUp provides great visuals and information from its dashboards. Switching views show different points of views that result in valuable insight. This feature distinguishes the software from its rivals.

ClickUp gives teams powerful tools unlike other project management softwares, it works beautifully also for single users. Its streams of features are just great for managing daily activities. It has a simple user interface which can be understood by a lay man, the integration also helps save a team of one valuable time when dealing with multiple apps.

The cons of ClickUp are few compared to the unending list of its pros, regardless, there’s need for them to be mentioned, and they are;

Too many options for customization. The fact that ClickUp’s greatest advantage over  other project managing applications is its full option customization doesn’t mean it can’t be a disadvantage too. Sometimes, it could be stressful when users  have to choose among options to make the software run optimally. Many suggest that choosing between ‘done and ‘not done’ is okay. Its high level of flexibility needs users to plan systematically for the accomplishment  and use of the software to get the most desirable result.

Users also claim that the user interface needs improvement, some wonder what the empty spaces and panes are for. They also think the text size is small and the colours are too faint for the appropriate contrast.

There’s been complaints also on too many ClickUp features. Some users feel devastated or confused by the variety of features most especially during its first set up. Teams give reports that the learning curve is somehow too high and their members find it difficult to make use of all the features. They can’t sometimes effectively decide whether to use the tool for one purpose or the other.

These shortcomings however are not enough reason to ditch ClickUp.

Let’s finally look at ClickUp’s pricing

ClickUp offers just one subscription package after its free plan.

The free plan lasts forever, though its features cannot be compared to its unlimited plan, but it’s a great deal for single users and upcoming business owners or organizations.

ClickUp free plan offers one hundred megabyte storage, unlimited tasks, also gives unlimited numbers of members and has a two factor authentication.

Its unlimited plan is available at $9 per membership monthly, there’s also an annual plan which is very affordable too. The unlimited plan gives unlimited storage, unlimited list, board and calendar views, unlimited integrations, unlimited dashboards, guests and permissions, goals, portfolios and custom fields.

ClickUp is really an effective application, cheap and embedded with amazing features that can’t be gotten on other softwares.

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