Confluence Alternatives 2021

Confluence Alternatives

Confluence by Atlassian is a popular collaboration tool of project management professionals published and released In 2004. It is a blend of different types of software, which include internal wikis, intranets, collaboration tools, and project management tools.

Confluence is an enterprise-level software system that enables teams to keep their work centralized, coordinated, and accessible. It is an open and shared workspace where team members can collaborate on projects, assign tasks to each member, share responsibilities, knowledge, and experiences. With confluence, you can create, collaborate and keep all your work in one place.

However, Confluence is now considered outdated as the trend of moving away from wikis to social collaboration has been going strong and over the years, the needs of project managers and teams have significantly changed. Today, organizations are looking for a project collaboration software system that goes beyond conventional features and functionalities.

Over the past few years, new alternatives to Confluence have sprung up that have adapted to people’s dramatically changing needs and are ultimately better suited for them. In this post, is a list of tools that would serve as great Confluence alternatives. So, if you’re using Confluence and planning to make a switch, here are great alternative tools and competitor software solutions that you can consider using to help with your workflow.


Slack is a team communication software that is all about teamwork and an effective understanding of the workplace. It is designed to help teams collaborate while working together without the need of opening or drafting emails. With Slack, your conversations are organized into channels and threads, and you can tag individual members in your ‘workspace’ to notify them. 

Slack is very efficient for remote teams, and you can communicate in many different ways; through threads, direct messages, phone calls, video calls. You can also group your Slack users with different permissions. For instance, you can add a user to a single channel rather than the entire workspace. You can also restrict who accesses these channels by making them private or public.

Slack also has a nice User Interface that is easy to use, which makes communication fun and helps to build a platform for better workplace conversations, decisions, and knowledge sharing. It also allows you to keep your work synced to your desktop, and portable on a smartphone or tablet.

If you forget your password for a workspace, it’s very easy to generate a sign-in link that will take you to your account. You can even manage multiple unrelated workspaces in Slack, which is useful if you work with a variety of companies.

It’s easy to search Slack for content in your messaging history. The advantage of Slack is making your messaging public so your whole workspace can share in team communication.

Slack integrates with a huge number of major apps and tools like Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Twitter, Asana, Trello, and more, so you can extend its functionality. You can also receive updates in Slack from apps like Help Scout, Asana, Zendesk, or Trello.


Notion is a sleek knowledge management software that provides a single all-in-one platform to plan, create, collaborate and organize notes and documents. It also includes a knowledge base and tools for tracking tasks.

One reason why people love using Notion is because of its flexibility and ease of use. Notion offers a perfect solution for small-to-medium sized organizations as it is a combination of tools that cater to a wide range of teams’ needs. You can also embed over 50 apps inside your Notion documents.

Boasting drag-and-drop and page nesting features, you can seamlessly organize your documents however you would like, hence,  improving their readability. Notion also allows you to mention your team members anywhere on the page in all your documents, which will send them a notification.  You can also share documents with external colleagues or make them public to anyone.


Basecamp Is an all-in-one collaboration tool that offers a vast array of features much like Confluence and is aimed at helping teams with their project management. Especially digital marketing agencies and software development companies who work remotely. 

Basecamp is a powerful tool that offers an all-in-one solution for project management. That is, you don’t need to use lots of different tools to accomplish the same outcome as you can achieve many objectives with it. 

Basecamp is a great tool for keeping track of lots of different projects. If for instance, your team works with multiple clients, with Basecamp it is easy to add clients to projects and determine or select which documents they have access to. Also, each project has its own channel with group chat, status updates, to-do lists, and uploaded files. 

Basecamp also allows you to easily gain a summary of individual projects on the company as a whole. For example, you can see which tasks are almost due, or take part in the automated daily check-in where employees post their latest updates.

Basecamp can help you manage many different complex projects, and choose which users have access to which documents. All of your team’s communication can take place within Basecamp.


Nuclino is an internal knowledge base and collaboration tool that emulates the wiki-style function of Confluence but is much easier to use. 

It allows teams to organize information and collaborate in real-time. It offers a  distraction-free interface, intuitive navigation, and frictionless editing experience which make it stand out as a modern and easy-to-use alternative to Confluence.

Though Nuclino is not as feature-packed as Confluence, it has some essential features, such as search, content organization, and collaborative editing, and minimizes the learning curve for new users. Which makes it a great option for teams looking for a faster, easier, and more lightweight Confluence alternative.

It allows you to organize your projects into workspaces which can be for projects or departments and set as public or private. It also has comments and mentions features that allow you to collaborate with your teammates and send them instant notifications. 

Nuclino also supports attaching other files such as Word documents or PDFs as well as collaborative editing in the same document so you can track changes.

In addition to being able to organize their internal documentation in a familiar nested list, you can work visually in Nuclino and structure your data in a mind map format rather than the more typical list. The board view lets you emulate a Kanban board which can be very useful if this is your preferred way of working. This makes Nuclino a great solution for a wide range of use cases, including knowledge sharing, employee handbooks, employee onboarding, sprint planning, process documentation, and many more. is a sleek project management tool that offers visual planning abilities for teams with multiple projects. It can be used by teams of any size from any industry but is especially good for sales and marketing teams. provides agile software that is flexible and will be a perfect platform for your dynamic environment. It makes use of in-built automation for workflows that you can use to increase your productivity. For instance, you can automatically set a project from ‘pending’ to ‘complete’, and automatically move the project to the complete section in a different part of the board. You also get automated notifications.

You can assign tasks to different members and track the status of projects. Monday uniquely uses a flat task structure so items do not get lost in a nest of subtasks. also provides real-time reporting that will give insights on the team’s progress against the product roadmap.

It can also be integrated with a wide range of your favorite tools such as PagerDuty, GitHub, etc.


Bitrix24 is a software collaboration tool for providing services like social collaboration, team collaboration, CRM, idea management, HR management, file sharing, project management, calendars, and much more. 

It is a Project management tool with Gantt charts, checklists, task reports, task dependencies, Kanban system, templates and automation, and much more. CRM is achieved through managing interactions, reports, and sales funnel, emails to clients, and via apps and integrations.

Bitrix24 has a free e-commerce platform, visual website builder, free responsive templates, web forms, email marketing, etc. It also provides Group calendars, personal calendars, and event scheduler for hosting a meeting, attending any meeting, assigning tasks, and so on.

Any tool has the potential to bring value to your organization. The challenge is to choose the right one. It might seem like a challenge and be quite overwhelming to find the perfect software for your company as there is plenty of software to choose from other than Atlassian’s Confluence. 

However, the tried and tested way of choosing the right software is to first consider what problem you want to solve and identify the product features that you absolutely cannot do without. Then you can begin to explore the available options and match them with your team’s needs and expectations. With that, it becomes easy to make an informed decision for your business and your team.

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