Frequently Asked Questions

Team8s is a team social networking app where selfies are not required. It was built for everyone who is frustrated and fed-up with having to pay because the free edition doesn’t have that 1 feature you need to use. They intentionally design their app this way and use this technique to get you to pay. Team8s is different. Team8s was invented to never charge for any features and was built to include those features you need and want; without all of those never used features that just confuse and crowd the app.

Each team can be customized by enabling or disabling the team features you and your teammates need to use within that team. Each feature allows you to do or offer something unique and different. Each feature is built with the motto “K.I.S.S” or “Keep It So Simple” or “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Every day we are working to add more and more features. Today we offer the following features:

  • Instant messaging, Scheduling, File Storage & Sharing, Task & Assignments, Bookings & Appointments, Invoicing, and team posts.

Some of our team features are exclusively for the team’s teammate’s use while others allow for outsiders or team visitors to interact with them.

Yes, every feature, now and in the future, is and will always be, 100% free. Team8s is designed, built, and operated in the Google cloud. Like most cloud services, you pay for only the capacity and space you use. Thus, the only time you will ever need to pay for something is when you need more storage space than what is included for free.

No. Never. We do not collect and/or sell any data. Your data remains your data. At any time, you can delete a team or even your account, and instantly all of your team’s or account’s data is deleted forever.

Our business model is not based on the collecting and selling of your data. Our model is simple, the more people using our apps, the more potential ads are seen and clicked on, and payments are processed, and that’s how Team8s makes money. We also have optional paid subscriptions that allow you to store more or to remove the displaying of ads. We believe in transparency and that’s what you will get from Team8s.

Stripe is an industry leader in enabling websites and mobile apps to quickly and easily integrate payment acceptance into their services. Unlike our competitors that will collect money on your behalf using their bank accounts and then you hope and pray they send you the money weeks later, with Team8s you will need to open your own Stripe account. Team8s will have no access or permissions to your Stripe account and the money you collect using Team8s goes directly into your Stripe account.

Click here to learn more about Stripe.

Yes, both Stripe and Team8s will charge a small fee when processing payments using our web and mobile apps.

To learn more about Stripe’s fees, please click here.

To learn more about Team8s’ fees, please click here.

There are no limits to how many teams and how many teammates each team can have. In other words, you have an unlimited number of teams and an unlimited number of teammates within each team.

A team’s public page is where people outside of your team can interact with your team. For example, you can make team posts public viewable so that anyone who visits your team’s public page, whether they have a Team8s account or not, can see your team’s public posts. Another example would be bookings, your clients can visit your team’s public page and create a booking request with any of your teammates.

Anyone can follow your team’s public page and receive notifications when you create new posts, schedule public events, enable team features such as bookings and so much more.

To see our team’s public page, click here: The Team8s’s Public Page

Yes, they will be asked to log into or create a new account at the end of the new booking request process. They will also be added to your team’s visitor list as team followers so that they can continue to receive posts from your team as well as easy access to create another booking request for their next appointment.

The icon was designed to represent a group of people gathered together forming a team inside of a circle or a power-on button. Why make it look like power on button? Because we think it looks cool. Actually, power on or start is the idea behind any team. A team is formed to start something. The 8 in Team8s was designed to look like the infinity symbol to symbolize the unlimited or infinite possibilities one can do with the Team8s app and all of the ideas we have to add to this platform in the future. It’s also representative of the fact each and every team can be customized in infinite combinations of enabled/disabled team features.