How Team8s Works

Team8s is a free, team collaboration platform; extended through a private app store.

Every team includes Instant Messaging, Scheduling, Task Management and 100MB of File Storage. 

Extend what your team can do by installing different apps from our App store.

There is a Team for everything

Team8s gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of teams. Each team works independently; what happens in one team doesn’t affect the other.

You can also add unlimited teammates to your teams by sending them email invites to join.

Choose your Team's features
through apps

We understand that every team is unique, that’s why you have the control over what functionality each team has. If you’d like group chat, scheduling and Task management in one team; while bookings, invoicing and fundraising in another — so be it!

With our free Apps you can extend your team’s functionality however you want.

**Note by default Task management, Files and Messaging are turned on.


Now that you’re all set up, go ahead and select your team, click on the start icon to access the apps you have turned on for that team and finally, start collaborating with your teammates.

We have over 7 apps right now in our app store with more to come in the future. Click here to see all available apps in the App StoreĀ