OneNote Alternative

OneNote Alternative

Before now, each time an idea pops into our head or a need to note down something important, we go about looking for a pen and paper to write down these things. Sometimes, we end up losing these notes, sometimes we don’t remember to take them with us, and other times, we don’t even get the opportunity to note down some of these ideas because we couldn’t get a pen or paper. However, nowadays, various apps simplify things and make taking notes much easier. With one of these apps, you have all your notes on you, easily accessible even when you are on the go at all times. OneNote is one such app.

OneNote is a digital notebook and to-do list app. OneNote is an exceptional tool to serve all your purpose. You can scribble quick notes, prepare checklists, draw, and even incorporate other items such as photos in it. It also makes it easy to collaborate with your team and it is free as well. 

However, one more was designed primarily for Windows users, hence there is limited functionality with Linux, macOS, Android, or iOS. Also, it has a complex user interface and limited native integrations with other apps. These are reasons enough to look for a OneNote alternative?  

Here is a list of one-note alternatives that could best suit your needs, Whether you’re looking for a notebook app that takes up less space, lets you create shared notes, or is more user friendly.

TL;DR: Recommended App – Team8s

1. Team8s

Team8s is a free, team collaboration platform; extended through a private app store.

Every team includes Instant Messaging, Scheduling, Task Management and 250MB of File Storage. 

However, you can easily add more to your team by installing different apps from their App Store.

It’s my favorite tool when it comes to functionality. The task management app is a simple Kanban-style board — I can assign tasks to my teammates, set the task priority and due dates. 

Another neat feature is the invoicing feature. I can easily send out invoices and collect payments using Stripe all within the Team8s. This is a feature most business owners or freelancers would like. 

Cost: Free

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Evernote is one of the popular OneNote alternative note-taking tools Out there. The app is loaded with so many features that you can think of which makes it one of the most complete note-taking apps you can find, hence, its growing popularity.

Everyone is easy to use and it has a user interface that is user-friendly and highly intuitive. Everyone can be used for a lot more than just note-taking. It can be used to organize, manage, arrange, visualize, and create better ideas by compiling every piece of information you may have. 

One of its great features is that Evernote makes it easy to share your notebooks with your family, friends, colleagues, classmates, etc. Apart from personal usage, Evernote is also great for business use as it allows team members to collaborate on ideas, share research material, manage projects, and more. 

Other noticeable features include web-clipper which allows you to easily save web links and articles, audio notes, text input, images, password-protected notes, optical character recognition which allows you to search for text inside images, etc.

However, the majority of the additional functions are only available in thpaid versions (Premium and Business). The free-of-charge basic plan, on the other hand, is highly restricted. With this rate, only the search function, the passcode lock, as well as the ability to share and comment on notes by friends and acquaintances are integrated. Also, you have access to 60MB per month for uploads, and you can only synchronize between two devices. With the paid premium version you receive 10GB or 20GB per month, and you can synchronize your notes limitlessly between all devices. 


The notion is referred to as the all-in-one workspace. A tool that allows for the entire team to write, plan, organize and collaborate.

Notion The notion just a simple note-taking app but almost a project management tool. It allows you to create projects, assign them to members, add various types of documents, and much more. 

If you work in a team and have a lot of shared notes and projects, Notion can easily replace OneNote for you. Just like OneNote, it allows you to easily create notebooks and notes. Notion also supports checklists, list items, note history, team collaboration, and more.

Notion also has a team wiki hich helps organize all important pieces of information into easy-to-find answers. It has Kanban-style boards which help in the planning and managing of projects and allow you to create notes and docs and share them with your team.

Notion has great features that allow you to easily add different things like heading and subheadings, calendars, quotes, dividers, tables, and more. Which makes it easy to create flexible notes as you can add anything inside a note. Notion also allows you to add links to notes, thereby giving you the ability to create your own internal Wiki. 

Notion offers three pricing options. The free version allows up to five guests, an unlimited number of pages and notes and the synchronization of data across all devices (macOS, Windows, iOS, Android) can also, be enjoyed by non-paying users.The personal pro version starts at $4/ month, it allows for unlimited file uploads and an unlimited number of guests. The team version starts at $8/ member per month.


SimpleNote as the name implies is an easy-to-use notebook which allows you to create notes on any platform such as iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, or on the web. If you prefer a notebook that is simple and effective at the same time, without having a lot of features, then simplenote is just the app for you.

It offers an intuitive and easy to navigate UI and notes are instantly synced across devices without having to do anything. Simplenote also allows you to easily create notes, reminders, to-do list, and more. It offers a tagging system for organizing notes, tags act as a folder and since a note can have multiple tags, it can exist in multiple folders.

One main advantage of Simplenote over OneNote is that it is completely free on all platforms (IOS, MacOS, Linux, Android, and web). 

Synonymous to Evernote, your notes are organized chronologically by creation date and you can also organize them alphabetically. You can prioritize your notes with tags so that they can be found quickly on the search list. This means you always have your important notes in sight.

Google Keep

Google Keep is an excellent app for taking notes from google. It brings a unique approach to note-taking. For instance, it displays all your notes in a colored-card interface, in a way that is easy to view which not only makes the notes look beautiful but also allows you to easily scan the content of your notes without having to open them. The ability to color-code notes allows you to easily find notes that you are looking for. For example, you can customize it to be that all the red notes in your Google Keep are the ones that you need to urgently get to.

Google Keep doesn’t just let you make notes and checklists, it also allows you to save photos and documents which you can then share with other users, create to-do lists, normal lists, reminders, attach photos, and more. Finally, Google Keep also brings a web-clipper companion app just like OneNote which allows you to save articles and links from the web and it is absolutely free.

Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is a feature-packed note-taking app that is available across devices and is a great alternative to One Note since it is completely free of cost. 

The app allows you to easily create notebooks with covers that look like a real notebook and take necessary notes on the colorful cards. Inside, you can create text notes, voice notes, add pictures, and more. It also has a web clipping tool that lets you save articles and links from the web. It is also very easy to link the notebook to the cloud and sync all the data there itself. You can also sync your notes across unlimited devices at no cost.

Just like Google Keep, the app allows you to color-code notes and also stack your notes, and swipe between them to access them. Zoho also offers you multiple view options which you can choose from. Zoho is currently available on all platforms for free; Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and web apps. 


Laverna is an open-source note-taking app that is more focused on user privacy. It provides an end-to-end encryption and password protected vault which holds all your notes. 

Larverna is really easy to use and allows you to create simple text-based notes which are synced across devices using a Dropbox or a RemoteStorage account. It also supports markdown editing. The markdown editing feature allows you to format your text without having to lift your finger off the keyboard.

Other features include the ability to create to-do lists, code highlighting, and more. It also shows a real-time preview of texts so you can easily correct any formatting error. 

Larvana has a simple user interface. This simplicity however also means that Laverna is not as feature-packed as OneNote. For example, you cannot add images or voice notes here. Another shortcoming is the fact that android apps are not available yet.

These are some of the best One Note alternatives, ranging from extremely simple ones that just let you jot down your ideas, to sophisticated apps that let you write essays, plan projects, and more. You can take advantage of their free trials and versions to explore and choose the one that best suits your needs and that of your team.

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